Branding, Creative Direction

616 Underground Sound Studio - Chicago, IL.

Full Creative Direction, Interior Design.

The talented artists from 616 came to me inquiring about full creative direction for their studio space. I conceptualized a whole brand image and design language for their studio to follow. The studio is nestled underneath a sprawling apartment complex, with industrial aspects seen throughout the room. To incorporate this feeling of industriality, euro transit design notes were deemed the best fit.

Design criteria included logos, posters, social media direction, and studio space interior design.

Yay Cafe - Miami, FL.

Full Creative Direction, Branding, Menu Creation.

Cafe visuals, entirely direced solo, in a strict 1 month deadline. Utilizing the pastel colors of Miami, I conveyed a modern approach to a cafe. A cafe for everyone, where you can grab a bite or stay for hours to work on projects. The pastel colors reflect the theme of Cuban eats,  bringing the culture of Cuba’s architecture and people to Miami in the form of a Cafe.

Design criteria included Logo design, Menu design, Order Board design, Business Cards, posters, and promotional social media advertisements.
Corroded Gallery

Creative Direction, Merchandise Design.

Corroded Gallery Is a vintage t shirt archive, with iconic shirts that are regularly moved through the store, like an industrial factory floor. To implement this feeling of industrial aspects, a logo was developed to reflect this. 

The merchandise design reflects a timeless aspect, almost encapsulating an era known before. 

Design crtieria included Logo design, T shirt design, and social media platform design.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021